Making Justice Trustworthy

Giving Invisibles Their Voice Back

Identity makes the world go round. Proving who you are is baked into almost every facet of life, including work. Yet when governments fail, their citizens' identity lose their credibility.

With new technology, we're helping them regain their voice.

The Problem

With indentification out of the hands of governments, the only two solutions were to trust an organization or trust the person themselves.

To trust an organization is to trust a small group of people — people who are corruptible, biased, and generally flawed. To trust the person is to trust that they will not lie.

Either way is impossible unless we rely on some external system as a solution.

An Unexpected Solution

Through our research, we found the up and coming world of cryptocurrencies to be capable of the kind of indentification we require. By building a community and providing each member with access to an identity they control, we can give people access to opportunities they would otherwise be unable to achieve.

Mandating Trust

In a trustless environment, establishing methods of trust is vital. Our methods of trust are simple — we require every member sign our Universal Declaration of Digital Identity, we give each member a self-sovereign identity, and we give our community the means to validate these identities.

We cannot stop bad actors from joining, but we can give the community the power to get rid of them in a fair and democratic way.

How to Join

Joining is simple. To create your self-sovereign identity, you need to read our Universal Declaration of Digital Identity and fill out a form to be granted a self sovereign identity.

Join the Community

Not Sure?

We get it. NFTs and cryptocurrency have quickly become a cesspool of scammers, and it can be hard to take anyone seriously when everyone is making outlandish claims.

We welcome healthy suspicion, caution, understanding, and discernment. Feel free to research these concepts on your own, contact us, or read our whitepaper for a holistic view of what we stand to do.

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