Providing revolutionary humanitarian and legal aid to Ukrainians in crisis

Who We Are


JusticeDao is a growing collective of global citizens who are tired of red tape and delayed aid.

We emphasize trust, transparency and direct action.


We are building immutable pipelines on-chain to provide self-sovereign electricity, identity and legal support - starting with Ukraine.

Our long-term vision starts with a founding document.

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Need Immediate Help?

If you're a Ukrainian regufee, We've compiled a brief list of resources for you.

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Our Solutions

Bronco Power Packs

We are fundraising to manufacture at scale and ship portableweatherproof, solar and hank-cranked rechargeable batteries to Ukrainian Refugees ASAP.

Inalienable access to energy means keeping phones charged and vulnerable people connected.

Legal Network

Ukrainian refugees have specialized needs for legal aid. JusticeDAO is building a digital, global, legal network to match lawyers with refugees in need today and for the years of rebuilding ahead.

NFT Project

JusticeDAO is developing an NFT line aimed at providing access to legal services, digital self-sovereign identity, and economic opportunity to refugees. Each token will be minted by a refugee, and a token's sale will directly support its creator.

Digital Penpal Program

A network of youth that IBO, JusticeDAO's parent organization, will be extending to train on-the-ground responders as to how to deal with missing refugee identity.

Cast Forward

Cast Forward is a contest organized by JusticeDAO and InternetBar.Org's GFI to further incentivise the creation of JusticeDAO's NFT.

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Get Involved

If you'd like to get involved with JusticeDAO, we'd love to have you! Follow the links below to learn more about how you can contribute in this time of need.


Partner with us to provide one of the most desperately needed services for Ukrainians: legal assistance.

If you have legal experience and want to help, reach out, you can make an impact. We thank you for your attention and consideration.

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Coming soon! We're still building out the DAO.

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Want to help support on-the-ground workers providing support to Ukrainians? Check out our donate section right below. We appreciate your consideration.


Individual contributions of any amount are critical to helping us further our mission. Your tax-deductible gift makes our work possible to build a new justice ecosystem for cyberspace.

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