This is the conclusive document defining everything JusticeDAO stands for, including the problems we are trying to solve and how we're trying to solve them.

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The situation in Ukraine is a prominent issue occuring on the global landscape. Putin is directly responsible for the displacement of millions, who now have an array of uncertain factors precariously holding their livelihoods by a string.

Our aim as an organization is to identify the most significant problems displaced Ukrainians deal with and solving them in the most efficient way possible to prevent a loss of precious time. Through this mindset, we have deemed it necessary to utilize a number of new technologies, including utilizing blockchain and NFT technologies, to aid our efforts.


The list of issues facing Ukrainians is long, and because of this, we cannot attempt to solve all of them while maintaining the ability to help at all. Thus, our list of issues is succinct; narrowed down to the most essential problems we can solve.

Legal Aid

In spite of widespread support for Ukraine by the international eye, few Ukrainians are able to find, let alone afford, proper legal help. One of JusticeDAO's primary goals is to connect a vast legal network with a community desperately in need of their help.

Identity and Trafficking

Through the panic of the war, families have been torn apart as they flee their homeland. Beyond the serious emotional damage this serves to cause and the potential for children to go hungry by the lack of their caregivers, this poses a startlingly real potential for human traffickers to strike.

This issue, however, goes deeper. We can't help people by providing funding, reconnecting families, nor protect against human traffickers unless we can lean on some identity system. However, we can't wait on the Polish or Ukrainian governments, both of which are too overwhelmed to deal with this many requests, and who would reveal too much to ensure anonynity.

The answer to this, we have found, is to lean on the power of NFTs and self-sovereign identity. Strangely, preserving anonynity whilst ensuring the person behind the NFT is legitimate is entirely possible. The minimum we have to know about a Ukrainian is that they are in fact Ukrainian and that they are a refugee. JusticeDAO writes the code and builds the community to validate this, and can guarantee that the NFTs we sell to fund Ukrainians are pointed at a real refugee.


Many Ukrainians lack funding. By selling shares of NFTs tied to specific Ukrainians, we are able to provide direct and instant funding to people in need.


By leaning on the self-sovereign identity technology, we are able to learn a great deal about people, and through our organization's connections we will be able to provide jobs and opportunities for Ukrainians to receive consistent funding.


The Polish powergrid is strained. A portion of donations made will go directly to funding the distribution of solar generators and hand-cranked power generators to take load off the grid, bring peace of mind to refugees, and allow them to reap the benefits of the NFT system.

NFTs and Blockchains

We are aware of the controversial nature of using these technologies in a genuine attempt to help people. However, our mindset is centered around efficiency, and to assist people in ways not seen before, we must use technology not previous available. We are taking all precautions to ensure proper utilization and through the nature of the network, we can all but eliminate abuse.

We will build on research that already exists, pioneering methods where applicable, and truly get people help. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Gravity and Bronco Power

We are working closely with two companies to provide Self-Sovereign Identity through our NFTs and to provide refugees with sustainable power throughout this crisis.


Gravity is a startup providing Decentralized Identity services and document hosting on the blockchain, both of which are essential to what we do. Through this company we are able to provide refugrees with the connections and the funding they need to start living a healthy life.

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Bronco Power Boost is a company providing solar and hand-cranked power generators which we will fund through a portion of the NFT sales and distribute to Ukrainians to assist in taking load off the power grid and provide people with the power they need to access the help we can provide through our NFTs, or more broadly the internet at large.

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This document may not be conclusive. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, and we'll be sure to answer your question and extend this document for the benefit of everyone.