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Currently, JusticeDAO is initiating conversations and getting people involved. If you're interested in the kinds of work we are about to do, please get involved! We want to hear how you can help move the project along.

Get Involved

If you'd like to get involved with JusticeDAO, we'd love to have you! Follow the links below to learn more about how you can contribute in this time of need.


Partner with us to provide one of the most desperately needed services for Ukrainians: legal assistance.

If you have legal experience and want to help, reach out, you can make an impact. We thank you for your attention and consideration.

DAO Member

Coming soon! We're still building out the DAO.


Want to help support on-the-ground workers providing support to Ukrainians? Check out our donate section right below. We appreciate your consideration.

Who We Are

InternetBar.Org Institute is a 501c3 registered US-based nonprofit that since 2005 oversees and supervises the advancement of the legal frameworks to shape normative behavior for emerging global societies and marketplaces on the Internet. We are a trust-building organization with the vision and mission to build a movement that promotes human dignity and global citizenship defined by our youth.